Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Google expands VoIP Solutions

Google is seeking to improve its VoIP and videoconferencing capabilities by purchasing Global IP Solutions (GIPS).
Google has offered to pay $68.2 million for the Norwegian company.
Rian Liebenberg, an engineering director at Google, said in a statement: "The worldwide web is quickly evolving as a development platform. Audio communication over the Internet and real time video are becoming important new user tools."

"Because GIPS provides high quality audio communication and real time video over an IP network, Google is looking forward to a innovative collaboration."

The GIPS board is advising its shareholders to accept the offer from Google. The company said in a statement that large shareholders, including Kistefos Venture Capital II DA, have irrevocably committed to accepting the offer with respect to approximately 50% of the outstanding shares and votes of GIPS.

The announcement comes just a day before Google begins its I/O conference. Aside from its internet advertising the company is looking to branch out into other revenue streams. Google has already developed VoIP technology in the form of Google Voice and Gizmo5.

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