Friday, February 21, 2014

Still Looking for the Right Video Conferencing Software?

Still Looking for the Right Video Conferencing Software?

Albert Einstein once said that “Technological progress is like an axe in the hands of a criminal” well from my point of view it’s like a baby in the hands of an Angel! Hope you agree because if you are looking for the right video conferencing software you should really read my story.

My Challenge

My line of work stands in the need of travelling around the world to attend various meetings, seminars and conferences while keeping up with my team at the same time. Even, during periods when plane travelling wasn't required, I was spending over two hours per week on meetings, and in many cases I had to drive in heavy traffic to reach my destination finding out in the end that it was completely useless. No matter how many formulas I've used after spending all that money and wasting all that time my ROI couldn't be calculated either. Keeping up with today’s digital environment, I have tried out a variety of video conferencing software services, but none have satisfied me completely.

The Solution

We started using 3CX Phone System at our offices which is a software based PBX for Windows. One of the cool things about 3CX Phone System is the fact that it has its own built-in video conferencing software, 3CX WebMeeting. A state-of-the-art video conferencing software that allows you to stay connected with your workforce using face to face video conferencing, use desktop sharing to demonstrate project progresses, host webinars and online classrooms. With 3CX’s video conferencing software my team is performing better and results have tremendously improved while at the same time saving  sufficient amounts of money.

Try it now and stop wasting your time. Download 3CX Phone System, enable 3CX WebMeeting and put an end to your struggles!