Friday, January 20, 2012

Manage Your Mobile Devices

Managing Mobile Devices
A lot of people play games on their smartphones and tablets during working hours. In fact, a recent study showed that, on average, a typical iPhone user spends an hour a week playing games. Doesn't sound a lot until you realize that if you add it all up, it means that 57 million working hours are lost a year! In money terms, that's about 800 million pounds. Now add on all the time people spend checking their Facebook accounts.

So there is obviously a need to manage mobile phones to cut back on these extraordinary figures. 3CX Mobile Device Manager is one way to make managing smartphones easy. With a 3CX MDM account, you can connect your company devices which then allows you to see what apps are installed on each one.

You can send apps - say a new company app - to any number of devices simultaneously from your dashboard, which saves all the time wasting and hassle of having to get each employee to install it. What about all those hours wasted on Facebook and games? Well, you can remotely remove any app you haven't approved. No games installed on company phones means no hours wasted playing games.

It's such a simple yet effective way to manage mobile phones in your business. For more information, visit