Saturday, May 29, 2010

iPhone or Android?

Increasingly there are more and more VoIP smartphones on the market but the most popular models are probably the iPhone and the Android.
Industry insiders seem to think that the Android could be on its way to overtaking the iPhone in terms of usership. There are a number of reasons for this.
Firstly, these phones use different network providers, and it may be that the reliability of the network provider becomes the most important component.
Basically in the United States iPhones run on AT&T, and the coverage can be a little patchy. Yes you get a faster service in some places than on the Android, but what good is that if the connection is dodgy? Many users are jumping ship from the iPhone to the Android simply because they feel they get a better service from Verizon than AT&T.
Furthermore the versatility of the Android makes it more accessible to many phone operators. Google has also churned out so many apps that there is a wide choice of features. Apple meanwhile is discouraging the production of third party apps for the iPhone. They have also refused to support flash, unlike Google in the new Android OS.
However the competition is always hot, and there are rumours that Apple may ditch AT&T in favour of the Verizon network.
Keep an eye on this blog for all the latest news, and let us know you think about which VoIP phone is better?

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New World Monkey said...

Well as Google pratically owns the internet it's not surprising that they are forging ahead of Apple. While Steve Jobs is refusing to develop the technology so that he can keep the profits for himself, Google are just copying other people's ideas, including VoIP smartphones, and doing them better themselves.