Wednesday, May 26, 2010

BT offers Ribbit voice services

British Telecom is to launch Onevoice Ribbit in Beta with such benefits as voicemail speech-to-text transcription and intelligent call routing. The Onevoice Ribbit also gives you one telephone number for all incoming and outgoing calls.
Vice President of BT Global Services Neil Sutton said: "Ribbit will enable Onevoice customers to be part of a growing trend towards unified communications.”
The product will help customers with Onevoice Virtual Public Network (VPN) systems to get even more from their IP telephony.
For instance when using a cloud-based Ribbit softphone abroad you could tap into another wi-fi network so that you were not liable to pay roaming charges. With the Onevoice service you only pay for the cost of the VPN, with no extra call charges. Business users can also transfer most of their voice traffic onto the VPN to get full use out of the Onevoice service.
BT bought Ribbit in 2008 for over $100 million. The company creates technology which allows automated transcription of voicemails into text or email form, as well as mobile phones and other telephony products.
In the future the Onevoice Ribbit may be available on devices like the iPad.