Wednesday, June 17, 2009

New VoIP Call Recording Solution for SMBs

CTI Group and CommPartners Connect have partnered to offer VoIP call recording for small and medium-sized businesses called SmartRecord IP for sip phone.

“SmartRecord IP is a shining example of how IP communications can deliver feature-rich, fully integrated, and value-added services to the SMB market that are unmatched by the traditional phone company,” says Mark Peterson, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for CommPartners Connect. “Our resellers are proving each day that not only does the value proposition of VoIP sell services and sip phone, but applications like SmartRecord IP have great appeal to important segments of the SMB market and increase overall demand for Voice Over IP. By responding to the demand for these value-added features and applications, we are enabling our resellers to meet customer needs and win more deals while driving growth of their VoIP business portfolio.”

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Danny said...

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