Monday, January 7, 2008

Top 20 VoIP Influencers for 2007

Owen Linderholm on January 2, 2008

As anyone who follows a communication industry knows, everything is changing all the time. But that is particularly true for VoIP and Internet telephony, especially now that the transition from VoIP-as-telephone-replacement to VoIP-as-enabler-of-business-processes is finally underway.

So here, in no particular order, are the people VoIP-News thinks are responsible for the most change in 2007 — either those who caused the most change directly or those who are influencing change in all kinds of ways — including changes that may not be felt in the market for years.

  1. Jeff Pulver: In many ways, Jeff Pulver is responsible for the huge growth and success of VoIP, and every time someone thinks that he is retiring or becoming less of an influence, back he comes for more. Suffice it to say that founding VON; brokering deals; and turning his attention to applications, Internet video and many other projects are all keeping him a primary VoIP influencer.
  2. Thomas Howe: Thomas Howe is less well known than most on this list, but what he's doing is highly significant. He is at the forefront of implementing the kind of change in businesses that VoIP is enabling. Rather than focusing on the technology side, like so many others in VoIP, he focuses on the business and how to effectively use technology. For example, the new way UPS Inc. uses business systems and VoIP — to see if you are going to be home if a package must be signed for — is all thanks to Thomas Howe.
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